The Spread Of Information On Social Networks

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The Spread of Information on Social Networks Internet technology has rapidly been expanding since its founding, and social media is not an exception. With more people becoming familiarized with social media each day, the number of registered users has been increasing over the past decade. The first few years of social networking involved BBS, CompuServe, and AOL. Bulletin Board System, also known as BBS, was an online meeting place where users could download shared files or games. Since bulletin boards were accessed over telephone lines, most of them were only locally accessed. America Online, or AOL, can be considered the real precursor to modern social networking. The searchable member profile feature, which let users include any…show more content…
Some of them may use exaggerated titles, while others will completely lie to get people to read their article. Money, among other reasons, can be the motive for websites sharing misleading news. Advertisement revenue can be a major factor in how websites make their money. Some of the major social networking websites have gotten better at letting the user know what website he or she is about to be directed to so they can better decide whether the website is safe and reliable to connect to. With the recent election of president Donald Trump, the topic of fake news is more popular than ever. As the target of many recent attacks recently, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook posted a long letter trying to address the problem of fake news. One of the biggest complaints about Facebook altogether is its filter bubble. The website attempts to only show things on the main page that support the viewpoint of the person that is logged in. There are many different methods to determine what exactly the user looks at the most. With their complex algorithm, the site sets up the main page for every individual user in a way that they should in theory like or agree with everything that they see. This filter bubble has been at the center of many complaints with the website recently, but social networking websites only try to show users information that should appeal to them. Whether the individual bases their decision on what they see online is up to them. It is the
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