The Spread Of Internet Usage

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The spread of Internet usage has impacted the retail sector. As can be seen, many retailers began to use online channels, as they take advantage of one of the most successful platforms of trade (Limayem et al., 2000; Levy and Weitz, 2001; Shim et al., 2001). The growth of new online shopping channels catches the attention of consumers who have become excited to try this new platform. Although Internet shopping channels seem to be growing, the growth of grocery shopping via online has been slower than other forms of retail (Yan and Opperwal, 2006). As a result of this, much research into online grocery shopping has attempted to understand the underlying behaviour of grocery shopping via the Internet. The studies investigated several aspects such as customer adoption of online grocery shopping (Verhoef and Langerak, 2001; Hansen, 2005), consumer response to online grocery shopping (Morganosky and Cude, 2000), customers’ attitudes toward online grocery shopping (Ramus and Nielsen, 2005; Huang and Oppewal, 2006), and the Technology Adoption Model (TAM) (Kurnia and Chien, 2003; Ahn, 2005). TAM is very popular in explaining the adoption process of technology. There are various studies that applied TAM such as those studying health care systems (Holden and Karsh, 2010) and e-commerce acceptance (Pavlou, 2003). Being an example of technological advancement, online grocery shopping can thus be studied through this lens. According to earlier research into factors that impact
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