The Spread Of Wildfires In Yellowstone National Park

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Each year, lightning starts about 24 fires in Yellowstone National Park. The wildfires are usually small. Most wildfires burn less than 100 Acres. These small wildfires are allowed to burn. They clean the forrest floor. This helps new plants and trees to grow. In 1988, rainfall in April and May was higher than normal in the park. No one thought that summer would be the worst fire season in 125 years. Despite a lot of spring rain, the park was very dry by June. The park was in a drought. Once started, strong winds help wildfires sweep the park. Thousands of firefighters comes from all over the world to help. It didn't seem to matter. The flames were unstopable. Many areas of the park had to close. Sadly, the wildfires didn't stop until September.
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