The Spread of Buddhism

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Ideas of ethics; character ethics There are various ideas on the issues pertaining to ethics such as character ethics which is a philosophy that gives a description of success as being based on principles of effective living like humility, integrity, patience, temperance, simplicity, and justice. Female ethic Female ethics attempts to rethink, reformulate or revise ethics that have being in existence traditionally in an extent that devalues or depreciates the moral experience of women. Before the rise of female ethics the traditional ethics was seen to be a letdown to women in various ways. First there was more concern on issues pertaining to men as opposed to those of women. Secondly, the fact that it views women is not as deep or mature morally as compared to men. Traditional ethics also completely overrate traits that are considered culturally masculine like wariness, war, domination and at the same time underrating traits that are considered to be culturally feminine like independence, sharing, trust and body. This led to the development of gender approaches to ethics that address the issues of traditional ethics failure or neglect towards women (Tong &William,2009). Human rights Human rights are fundamental rights that are inalienable which a person is entitled to inherently for the simple reason that they are human beings. They are inherent to human being regardless of their sex, nationality, national or ethnic origin, race, religion or any other status (United
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