The Springfield Noreasters Maximizing Revenues in the Minor Leagues Case Write-Up

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Business Overview

From: Marketing Consultant
To: President, General Manager Bob Cortez and Board Directors

A new Class A minor league baseball team called the Nor’easters is coming to Springfield, MA. News around town was that another professional sports team, the Falcons, was having trouble drawing revenue. Since the Nor’easters are a new team it’ll be challenging for them to draw fans. Springfield is located 90 miles away from Boston and is the third largest city in Massachusetts. Springfield had lost many high wage residents resulting in 3.6% drop in average wages since 1990. Median income of a family of three was $37,800 and median household income was $31,046. Springfield Nor’easters would need to bring die-hard
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This idea would be a great alternative since it brings in more fans and revenue without using many seats to do so and also increases the Springfield Nor’easters entertainment value and name as a fun location for kids. In addition to fun, we’ll sell food from concession stands or cater to the parties needs. We would designate a section of the stadium for large groups to rent if they just want to sit down and watch the game. These sections in the stadium are located in the left and right field lines of the stadium oppose of each other. Space is plentiful as we estimate attendance to increase. Kid’s parties may bring in 20-30 students in their class along with 2 parents. This will increase attendance an estimated 60-90 people per party. If you include siblings, friends, or facility members, attendance can potentially amount to over 100/party. An estimated 100 in attendance with an average concession stand rate of $11-$13/person can amount to roughly to $1,100-$1,300 in increase revenue not including the rental of the party zone location.

Solution 2:
Shuttle service Another solution consists of providing shuttle buses for college students as the case provided students didn’t have proper transportation to the baseball stadium. To fill in stands at the stadium I recommend we discount these tickets for students since they don’t really have a lot of money to spend.

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