The Spy Of Spy Ring

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Many present day movies make being a spy look like an exciting job title with huge money rewards at the end of each mission completed. Yet, in the real world being a spy does not come with any glory, and being a spy was very much looked down upon during the late 1700s. A spy needs to take risks, and must weigh their options to find which decision will cause the least amount of casualties. They need to be intelligent, know how to blend in, and how to become a completely different person. And to protect themselves, a spy must know how to use information that they have to blackmail someone if they ever get into a compromising situation. The Culper Spy Ring was a line of intelligence that was created to give General George Washington a reliable system to spy on the British. Being apart of this Ring was not a cakewalk and required many years of sacrifice. In the end however, the Culper Spy Ring was able to provide General George Washington with important information such as ambush warnings, British military movements, and even lead to the capture of Major John André. Being a spy was a horrific title, yet they really should have been given more credit. The Culper Spy Ring would not have been in our history if it weren 't for Benjamin Tallmadge. He was born in 1754 in Setauket, New York, and was a studied at Yale University. “While a student there, Tallmadge developed a close personal friendship with Nathan Hale, who would also eventually become involved in American espionage,
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