The Spy and The Bravo

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Spy fiction is defined as a genre of literature that focuses on the activities of spies and the world of espionage. The genre dates back to the mid to late 19th century. An early example of a spy novel is by an American novelist James Fenimore Cooper; The spy (1821) and The Bravo (1831). Spy fiction would mostly be influenced by events that have occurred in the real world such as, the Cold War, which will be discussed in this essay and how it became to influence the writing of spy fiction and how it built its popularity in the literature world. The Cold War emerged in 1946 due to the tension between the western powers (USA, UK, Europe and Canada) and the Soviet Union, which included the Russian communist. Shortly after the Second World War ended, the Soviet Union refused to remove its forces in areas of Europe that they have taken over during the war. This caused the crisis of the Cuban Missile Crisis and Berlin wall, being just some of the issue raised at that time. The Soviet Union broke up in 1991. The most enduring motif about the Cold War is the storytelling about spies, agent and assassins living a double life that included secrecy so they could infiltrate their enemies. The US and USSR spent a large amount of time and money to train spies and agents during the Cold War to deploy them around the world. The main purpose of espionage is to gather information from their enemy and as their technology or gadgets were not advanced as it is now, they would send spies to
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