The Sql Server Integration Services ( Ssis )

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Integration While administrators could populate the initial database information manually or user’s key in the data as it is used, it is far more efficient to prepopulate the database from other sources of information. One common way of doing this is through the SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) which offers a set of tools to load externally sourced information into a database. SSIS may be used to “integrate many different type of external data sources, while applying complex business rules and workflow logic” (Akkawi, 2014, p. 320) and has two major components. First the Import and Export wizard is a tool that walks the user through a step by step process to aid in database integration. The wizard defines a source and destination for the data and maps between them with limited manipulation. While it is a relatively quick and easy tool its functionality is limited to the options available within the wizards. More extensive functionality is offered by the second component, the SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) which is a, “comprehensive development environment” that “caters to more complex data integration situations” (Akkawi, 2014, p. 320). This environment allows the user to add tools catering to various data sources and different ways of manipulating the dataflow. Within a graphical environment the user can create a complex interaction flow representing how data is obtained, manipulated or processed, and then stored. Any user comfortable with Microsoft Visual

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