The Squid And The Whale

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In the movie – The Squid and the Whale, the movie is about two boys that live in Brooklyn, NY who are dealing with their parents’ divorce in the late 1980’s.
The father, Bernard is a novelist whose career is on a slow decline. Bernard is also a writing instructor. His wife, Joan, is becoming a successful writer Joan’s success cause tension between her and her husband. Joan and Bernard have two sons, 16-year-old Walt, and 12-year-old Frank.
Bernard and Joan decide to set more time aside to spend time with their children. Joan has an affair with Ivan, who is Frank’s tennis coach. After Joan and Bernard decide to separate, Bernard told Walt and Frank that Joan had several boyfriends during the course of their marriage. Walt was disgusted by this, and decided not to speak with Joan. Bernard eventually begins to date one of his students, Lili. Walt and Frank begin to choose what parents they want to live with. Frank decides to spend time with his mother, and Walt decides to spend time with his father.
Walt and Frank have trouble communicating with their parents, and the children show difficulty in handling their stress. Walt begins to speak with his family, and performs a song called “Hey You” in his school’s talent show. Walt wins first place in the talent show, and receives praise from his family. However, the school found that that he did not write the song, the school calls Walt’s parents in to have a meeting with just the Joan and Bernard. In this meeting, the principle…

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