The Squirrel Defense Initiative

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Originated in 1996, due to the frustrations of squirrels destroying Richard Walsh’s bird feeder on his new deck, Ed Walsh, Richard’s brother came up with the concept of building a solar bird feeder to help Richard out. The concept of a bird feeder that allowed birds to continue to eat the bird seed, while preventing the squirrels from reaching the food and destroying the feeders, soon became an obsession for Ed. What once originated with a car battery developed over the years to a solar cell, and was successful until the squirrels discovered that they could eat early in the morning or late evenings before the battery charged. Bo Haeberle became involved in the bird feeder project after he overheard how much trouble Ed was having…show more content…
When asked about a business plan they did not have one even though they all knew that one was needed and had been asked before. This lack of commitment to the company could be their downfall. They need to get someone hired that is able to help them with the business aspect of the company since they were committed to the production end. It wasn’t until 2003 that the company finally developed a business plan and in September of that year due to their efforts placed 5th in the TEI Fuel Business Plan Competition (Yelp, 2004-2014). Triad Entrepreneurial Initiative had been set up to focus on high-profile business plan competitions. It lasted only about four year before it funding support ended and they shut down, however the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce, part of the Greensboro Partnership reformed it into its own Entrepreneurship initiative. The initiative helps service providers in a different categories, ranging from “just getting started” to Government Contracts” (Journal, 2013). By 2007 after redesigning the solar bird feeder and cutting cost SDI was able to complete the first run of 1600 units, at the same time field testing new models with “green” manufacturing techniques. Today you can go onto their web site and order a Squirrel-off Solar Powered Bird

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