The Squirrel Monkeys

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Squirrel Monkeys

Since 1970 the population of Squirrel Monkeys has gone down from 200,000 to 5,000. Squirrel Monkeys have the largest brains of any other living thing. They have 23 different calls. There can be up to 500 Squirrel Monkeys in a group. The Squirrel Monkey is intriguing because of where it lives, how it survives, and how it has been impacted by humans.

The Squirrel Monkeys live in rainforests.Squirrel Monkeys are the most abundant primate in riverside forests in the Guianas and Amazon River basin. The most common Squirrel Monkeys have olive or greyish crowns, they are only found in South America. They are usually in the trees, but every once in awhile they will come down to ground. They live in tropical forests in south and
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They are active during daytime, they move single file after a leader using trails they use frequently in the top of trees. They're home is a tree branch where they huddle together at night to sleep, the tree that their branch is on is also their home. When they sleep they wrap their tails around their bodies. Sometimes the Squirrel Monkeys and capuchin monkeys find food together. They eat fruit, leaves, buds, tree gum, insects, spider, and other small animals. They with move with other animals like birds or other types of animals. The mothers stay together, they males stay together, and the younger monkeys with stay with monkeys their age. They eat tree frogs, fruits, sticks, bugs, and, leaves, they also drink nectar. There can be 500 in one group. They are usually in the trees but every once in awhile they will come down to ground. Its identifying marks are circles of black hairless skin around the nose and mouth. Their face is white, their fur is short and soft. Their fur is grey to olive green. Their stomach is white. They aren't very big they're only 10-16 inches long, their tail is around as long as their body. Their feet, hands and arms and yellow or orange. The most common Squirrel Monkeys have olive or greyish crowns. Endangered Central American Squirrel Monkeys have black crowns with red backs. They both have hair on their ears. The bare-eared Squirrel Monkey has no hair on its ears. They have short olive colored fur on its shoulders and yellow, orange on its back, arms, and legs. Their throats and ears are white, their mouths are black. The top part of their heads are hairy. Their german name is “Skull Monkeys” because of the way they look. They grow to be 25-35 cm long with a tail that is 35-42 cm long, 1.6 lbs to 2.42 lbs. They don't use their tail for climbing but as a balancing pole and tool. Bare-eared Squirrel Monkeys have red backs and black crowns. Unlike the other types of Squirrel Monkeys
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