The Srival Perf : Book Review : The Arrival Perf

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These works of sci-fi could be viewed as soft sci-fi and to support that feature main characters who can be called scientists but neither studied typical things as Louise studied languages and Kelvin studied people’s behaviors, thoughts and feelings. Louise was chosen strictly for her work translating and studying languages and viewers find out she had worked with the US government previously when Colonel met her in her office to asked her to translate the heptapods speech (The Arrival perf. Amy Adams and Forest Whitaker). Her entire role was based upon learning how to communicate with the heptapods and later learning the heptapods written language all so she could figure out why they came to Earth. This language was what gave her the visions and gave her the strong motherly influence and helped viewers see this movie as a soft sci-fi work. Louise was seen dealing with emotions of being a mother to future daughter as well as emotions of loving Ian before she even knew he was to be her husband. All these emotions and the focus on them rather than the science of the heptapods gives this film its soft sci-fi mark. As for Solaris both hard and soft sci-fi can be seen in the book but the book leaned more toward soft sci-fi. Kelvin once loved Rheya and was in a committed relationship with her only to have her brought back to him by the ocean after he arrived on Solaris. His love for her was one of the major attributes of this book as her suicide was the motivation for
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