The St. Bartholomew 's Day Massacre

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On August 24th, 1572 approximately 7,000 protestants were murdered in France. This horrific event was named the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre. Marguerite de Valois, Queen Catherine de Medicis daughter was arranged to marry Henry of Navarre on August 18th. Marguerite and the rest of the Valois family were extremely Catholic while Henry was a Huguenot (Calvinist Protestants). This marriage was an attempt the break the religious tension and join together the religions in peace, or so they thought. The wedding was held in Paris, France and many Huguenot nobility attended. However, what seemed to be a happy and memorable occasion quickly resulted in a gruesome, and barbaric massacre that would be remembered forever. Catherine de Medici was…show more content…
When Catherine de Medicis sons were younger she had control over what happened in France however as they became older they could speak their mind and make their own decisions. However, having listened to their mother their entire life their decisions were usually persuaded by their mother’s opinions quietly and forcefully. According to Williamson and Josephs book “Catherine de Medici” Charles IX was inclined to insane murderous anger and attempted to exorcise murderous fantasies. According to Knechts book “The French wars of religion 1559-1598” the St Bartholomew’s Day Massacre can be interpreted as the “cumulation of popular disturbances in Paris.” On August 22nd Admiral Coligny was shot and wounded, Huguenots rushed to his side in worry and fear. In fear that the Huguenots would retaliate the assassination of the Huguenots was ordered. On the night of the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre Charles was overwhelmed and lashing out. Charles felt betrayed and his mother was attempting to control his decisions. In the midst of his panic he exclaimed “Kill the admiral if you wish; but you must also kill all of the Huguenots so that not one is left to reproach me Kill them all!” (Williamson and Joseph, “Catherine de Medici”) Catherine would have been satisfied with killing only the main leaders of the Huguenots, however she was overjoyed with her son’s

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