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The St. Francis Xavier Secondary School DECA Chapter advocated and fundraised for the leading cause for over 3 million child deaths annually: malnutrition. The campaign, entitled “Mission4Malnutrition (M4M)”, is a not-for-profit campaign which is dedicated to eliminating hunger within impoverished communities internationally. It strives to bring awareness to malnutrition, which can be defined as “the lack of sufficient nutrients which are normally obtained through food.” There are countless consequences of malnourishment, including deteriorating immunity, susceptibility to rare illnesses, as well as the physical inability to attend school. In order to eradicate malnutrition as well as its detrimental effects, M4M has partnered with two charities: Sharelife Canada and ACF International.

ACF International is a global organization which is devoted to eliminating world hunger and providing lifesaving treatment, especially for amongst children. This charity is currently executing a not-for-profit campaign, entitled “Action Against Hunger”. This campaign provides impoverished communities with RUTF (ready-to-use therapeutic foods), as well as lifesaving treatment to alleviate the detrimental effects of malnourishment. Through donations and sponsors, their main project, Action Against Hunger, has been able to provide:
 Children and adults across the globe with RUTF (ready-to-use therapeutic foods)
 Access to clean water that is readily available
 Communities with sufficient

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