The St Petersburg Compost Project

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1. Project Purpose: because earth matters, the St Petersburg Compost Project is dedicated to advancing the art, science, and application of composting. There has been a tremendous growth in compost use projects around Florida. St Petersburg has also seen a growth in tourism and with that brings an increase in waste to the area. In thinking about the current problem of getting rid of the trash created by tourism, one of the aims of this project to bring some insight into this is look at a long term approach to help recycle this waste; and also to a historical perspective about the inherent problems with trash. By reviewing how past residents have gotten rid of trash 2. Measurable project objectives and related success criteria: The…show more content…
4. Assumptions and Constraints: The creation of a program is key to this project. The project will be successful by integrating students and volunteers in the efforts to educate the public and help the Pinellas government in creating an awareness about the zero waste policy. The obvious constraints are getting enough volunteers to donate several hours per month on an on-going basis dedicated to support the center. The initial funding to set up the center and continued financial funding might pose serious constraints for the project to continue. 5. High-level project description and boundaries: To succeed in the initial stage of this project, a composter, site and strategy need to be set in place. In order for the project to be financially feasible, it is important to identify how much material is available, how many and what type of generators we are to serve, and how much material is expected to be generated by the project. Boundaries: The scope of the assessment required for this project will be scale dependent. It will be important to set up drop off sites if there are any to be outside the center, what materials are to be accepted within Pinellas County. 6. High-level risks: What could potentially upset this project is not setting the clear and precise boundaries within the community about what materials are to be acceptable. Also,

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