The Stag at Eve

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As I made my way down the street to The Art of Dr. Seuss on Geary Street near Union Square, I reminisced about Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known as the alias ‘Dr. Seuss.’ I recalled a certain memory dating back to my elementary years in which it was a cold, foggy morning. I remember I had told my mother that I wanted to leave for school early to have breakfast at the cafeteria; to my surprise, they were serving green eggs and ham. Naïve as can be I wondered why the food that was about to consumed was of unnatural color and therefore refused to eat my breakfast. As the school bell rang I rushed to class and told my teacher about my unusual experience with an empty stomach, and instead of overreacting much like myself, she simply smiled and handed me a book. In my hands was a red book with a hairy creature wearing a hat looking down at a plate of green colored eggs and ham with the title reading Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. This was the start of my childhood adventure with Geisel and his imaginative characters.
Returning to reality and finding my destination, I opened the heavy glass doors and walked into a gallery full of Geisel’s collection of sculptures and painting. One particular dark painting drew my attention. Sitting in the chair adjacent to the painting, staring at the lowered center odd deer-like creature with long horns drinking water out of a bowl shaped stone, I noticed the creature contained the brightest colors in the painting, being shades of orange and
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