The Stages Of Cognitive Developmental Theory

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Piagets stage theory is also known as the cognitive developmental theory. Constructivist perspective. No matter the name Piaget believed that children benefit most from "concrete" experiences or hands-on activities that allow the student to manipulate his or her environment in order to build knowledge based on interactions with the universe.(Mohammad,2012) Piaget believed knowledge is acquired in a set of stages. There is 4 stages that knowledge is obtained.
The first stage Sensorimotor occurs approximately between the age of two. Children at this stage develop the idea of Object Permanence. The idea that an object exists even though they can’t see it. In this step children also acquire the ability of reflexes. In stage two Preoperational stage begins. This usually happens between the age of 2-7. Children of this age bracket are “egocentric and are dominated by perception.”(ch.2.4)
They believe that the world exists from their view point. They understand concrete present day stuff but no understanding of abstract.
7-11 yrs enter the Concrete Operational stage. The logical stage. Children are able to se different viewpoints. There also good at understanding basic math, and classify objects by more than one characteristic. (a yellow duck can go in yellow category and the duck category.) The last stage is known as the Formal Operational Stage. When a child is a 11 years or older they are finally understanding the concept of abstract thinking. Children…
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