The Stages Of Development On The Subject Of Adolescence And Middle Adulthood

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Conducting this interview helped me understand the stages of development on the subject of adolescence and middle adulthood. Since there are a lot of preconceived notions about these life stages, it was somewhat challenging. This learning experience (and other lessons), I believe, will help me prepare in the field of human services. The main focus is the similarities and differences about these two interviewees and to reflect upon the interviews. To start, my interviewees, Natalie and Cristian responded to questions that I asked them to answer; the answers were very different between these two individuals. When I interviewed Natalie, I asked her what is the best time of Life? She said middle age is ‘’the best time of my life.’’ which is different from the second interviewee Natalie believes middle adulthood is the best time because her life has become more stable and she is able to focus more on her family. Obviously, there are reasons behind this; their answers reflect on the kind of person they are. According to Berk, Women can be become ‘’more dominant in family relationships,’’ they more expressive about their feelings and sentiments and it is more common once they reach middle adulthood. (Berk, 2014, p. 430) In addition, middle-aged people become more compassionate, sensitive, and thoughtful, according to Berk. Which might explain why Natalie wants to be closer to her children. These characteristics might bring her family closer together. The second interviewee,
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