The Stages Of Team Development

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• 1. Discuss the stages of team development. Address the process, problems, and level of productivity of each.
• Forming, storming, norming, and performing are the stages in team development. Forming is basically when the team gets to know each other, there is not much direction at this stage, and little work is accomplished. Storming is the second stage, the project objective and scope is clearer now. Team members start doing their assigned tasks. Conflict and tensions can happen at this stage, and a lot of projects can fail at this stage. The third stage norming most of your conflict has resolved. Most relationships between team mates settle down, and cohesion starts to develop. There is a bond happening between team members, the give ideas and feedback. Work performance starts to take off. Personal friendships may develop at this point, and if someone is excluded it may cause problems. Performing the fourth stage of team development. The level of work is now high. This is also is where the project manager acts as a mentor and helps team members.
• 2. What are the benefits of a project kickoff meeting? From your project experience, describe how the project kickoff meeting for one project could have been improved.
• This will be a great way for the project team, to meet and learn about each others, names and work experiences. There should also be an overview of the project and what it will entail. The Roles and responsibilities of team members, what
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