The Stages Of The Auto Body Repair

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The 8 Stages of the Auto Body Repair Process
For the average car owner, the concept of collision repair produces vague images of guys in coveralls hammering away at dented fenders, smoothing out the work, and then painting over it. That may have been a fairly workable, if not crude, description many years ago, but modern auto body repair is a bit more complex. Automotive design and government standards on safety and fuel economy have transformed auto body repair into a science compared to those days.
While many customers might be content just to see the end result, an understanding of the typical auto body repair process offers valuable insight. Once you know what goes into restoring a car to its original state after a collision, it helps to not only take some mystery out of the process, but also gives a greater understanding of the costs and time involved in restoring a car that’s been wrecked back to like-new condition.
The following is an example of a typical auto body repair process from start to finish. The specifics will vary from one collision center to another, but the basic steps below offer a general guideline for what to expect when your car needs some auto body work.
Stage 1: Auto Body Repair Estimate
Auto body repair begins with an inspection of the vehicle by an estimator at the collision repair center where the work will be done. The results of the inspection are documented, photos of the vehicle are taken, and the information is passed on to the insurance…
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