The Stages Of The Dilation Stage

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Stage 1 Description This stage is commonly known as the “dilation” stage. It starts with mild contractions marking the onset of labor, and is completed when the cervix reaches full dilation. Within the first stage of labor are three sub stages, the latent phase, where regular contractions take place, they are typically about 5 minutes apart and last 30-45 seconds. The woman is dilated 0 to 3 cm during this phase, and this phase can last anywhere from 10 to 14 hours. The active phase involves more active and intense contractions, they come more frequently as much as every 3 to 5 minutes and can last up to a full minute. The woman may dilate 1 cm every hour. As contractions occur, it encourages the cervix to continue to dilate. Lastly, the…show more content…
This will include palpating the cervix and attempting to locate what direction and what area the baby’s head is in. The nurse may provide labor support which includes physiological and psychological needs, promoting comfort, providing instructions, and acting as an advocate for the patients. The nurse may be able to provide spiritual support, help with position changes, helping with hygiene or massage, temperature control, and environmental comfort. An important role of the nurse is to provide help with elimination, instruction, and teach relaxation techniques. The nurse will also asses the birthing partner and the fetus. The nurse will regularly do vaginal examinations to assess fetal position (Ward, S.L., Hisley, S. M., 2016, p. 433). Patient Teaching The nurse can teach the patient relaxation techniques. These techniques may include visualization, focal points, imagery, hydrotherapy, and breathing (Ward, S.L., Hisley, S. M., 2016, p. 436). Often a mother will utilize a type of breathing called Lamaze breathing. Lamaze breathing involves taking deep breaths in a pattern that coincides with contractions (Patterned Breathing During Labor (2015)). The nurse can also help the patient know what to expect. She may expect to soon begin pushing and feeling increasing pressure in her vaginal area. She may feel contracting pains and intensity. She may also feel anxiety and uncertainty
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