The Stages Of The Stage Essay

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The second stage in is called the Preoperational stage this stage varies from the ages of two to seven. In this stage children are able to think symbolically (site WebMD), for example, their language becomes more advanced and sophisticated. This is also the stage where they begin to play make believe and development their cognitive memory, sadly their thoughts are not really logical but are mainly based on instinct. Advanced concepts are still pretty hard for them to grasp such as time, or being able to compare things to one another. The third stage is the Concrete Operational stage the ages for this stage vary from ages seven to eleven. Piaget believed that the concrete stage is one of the major points in the child’s development, this is the beginning of operational thought (McLeod, 2015). This is also where the child’s thoughts are less egocentric and they become aware that their own feelings and thoughts are original and may not be shared among others (site webMd), this is the area where the child begins to work things out in the head compared to trying to work things out physically. This is also where they begin to comprehend numbers, they can also solve issues by thinking logically, however thy still cannot figure out advanced concepts. The last stage begins at the age of eleven and older, this stage is called the Formal Operational stage. In this final stage the child as able to think in advanced concepts and abstract ideas, this is also where they gain the ability

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