The Stages Of The Stage Gate Game Plan

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The Stage Gate Game Plan is one of the most commonly used process for new product and service development. However, the game plan is not foolproof to ensure success of an innovation. The Stage Gate process does not have separate stages for research and development of marketing, because each stage is multifunctional (Cooper & Kleinschmidt, 1993). By using the Stage Gate process as a guidance, we develop our own model of innovation that we find that would be more relevant. Our model of innovation processes are still multifunctional. However, different from the Stage process is that our model of innovation do not consist of parallel activities from different functional areas. The model of innovation will exist in a heavyweight team structure…show more content…
Whether the project is a joint venture or a merger, new innovation ideas are developed by those who actively seek to create a disruptive innovation (Bowers & Christensen, 1995). Those in research and development may or may not be the innovation champions, yet they play a large role in developing a successful disruptive innovation. As in the Stage Gate System, the source of our new innovation ideas is not rigid. Anybody can become the major source of the innovation idea. The disruptive innovation model for the 21st century encourages all employees to contribute the organization’s brainstorming of what our next innovation will be (Cooper & Kleinschmidt, 1993). Players That Are Necessary In An Innovation Process The players that are necessary in an innovation process are the innovation champions, managers, the research and development team, the production team, the marketing team and other supporting teams, such as accounting (Moore & Tushman, 1982). In addition to the production team, a managerial support team is also necessary to ensure that all policies and procedures are correctly followed in an innovation process (Moore & Tushman, 1982). Keeping the processes organized as well as addressing complexities and issues as they arise is vital to ensuring that the innovation is successful, as disorganization can impact the success of the innovation (Smith &

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