The Stages of Development According to Dr. Montessori and an Explanation of What Happens During Each “Re-Birth”.

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The Stages of development according to Dr. Montessori and an explanation of what happens during each “re-birth”.
Dr. Montessori defined 4 stages of development. She identified that within these stages of development it is intense at the beginning, consolidates and then tapers to the next stage. She talks about the re-birth of a child and describes it like passing through a kind of metamorphosis. The 1st and 3rd stages are periods of intense creation, while the 2nd and 4th stages are the calm periods of consolidation. The key to all the stages of development is the individual’s need for independence. This is expressed differently throughout the various different stages.
Dr.Montessori believed that every child goes through a period of
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Their mind shifts from an unconscious one to a conscious one. This happens as a result of movement. When the child begins to move, their absorbent mind has already taken in the world unconsciously. “It is through movement which follows the paths of joy & love.” Maria Montessori. Her life and works. E.M standing.
The child goes through a re-birth at this stage. Their movement and co-ordination is more refined. They are able to fully communicate, as their speech is also more refined. Their mind is conscious, allowing them to achieve more order in the intellect (their thinking is more concrete) and their memory is better. They begin to utilize their will and it is the ego of the child that guides and directs him. As a result the child requires more physical independence at this stage. For example; My 3 yrs old daughter’s favourite line is “I can do it myself Mummy!”
The child wants to be free to work independently within a structured environment. They like to do real activities with a level of intelligent purpose. This is the reason they start Montessori school at 3 years of age.
This sub-stage is a “Sensitive Periods” which requires an intense need for: order, language, refinement of the senses and movement. The fundamental formation of their character is being formed. The Second stage of development is 6-12 years- Characterised by the Imagination.
As the child enters the second stage at 6 years, it goes through a metamorphosis. There are substantial
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