The Stages of Group Development

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The stages group development The theory: Groups at first undergo a "forming" arrangement in which participants are certain and considerate (Scrivener & Thornbury, 2012). A few participants are anxious because they have not yet worked out precisely the workings of the group. Others are essentially excited concerning the task ahead. As pioneer, you assume a prevailing part at this stage: different parts and obligations are less clear. The group leader assumes the dominant role honestly short, and last for the single meeting at which individuals are acquainted with each one in turn. At this stage, there may be talks about how the group will work, which could be disappointing for a few members who need to get on with the group project. Before long, actuality sets in and the group moves into a "storming" stage. The leader's power may be tested as others scramble for position and their roles are cleared up. The methods for working begin to be defined and, and the leader must be mindful that a few participants might feel overpowered by how much there is to done, or uncomfortable with the methodology being utilized. Some may respond by questioning how beneficial the objective of the group is and by being resistant to tasks (Lindsay & Orton, 2011). This is the stage when numerous groups fail, and even those that stay with the undertaking may feel that they are on an emotional thrill ride as they attempt to concentrate on the task under control without the support of their
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