The Stages of Hero's Journey

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Hero's Journey Introduction Hero's journey is the transition that a normal man goes through to become a hero. There is a set pattern of events that take place and thus this journey forms the basic template for all the stories and folktales that have been narrated since the beginning of times. From the very fundamental bed time stories to the traditional and popular tales, hero's journey is the path that has been observed to be followed by the narrator of the story. In the book called The Hero with a Thousand Faces written by Joseph Campbell, this journey has been described in great detail. In this paper, we shall discuss the stages of the Hero's journey briefly. Hero's Journey Stages According to the set pattern that is there is almost every fairy tale and story, there are some specific stages of the journey of the hero. The first stage is that of the ordinary world, when the hero is set in contrast with his surroundings and his description is given based on his character. The second stage is that of the call of adventure. During this stage a description of the situation is given which the hero has to face. This situation is normally shaken up by an external pressure which causes the hero to change from a normal person to a hero. The third stage is that of the refusal of the call. During this stage, the hero decides to run away from the situation. During the fourth stage, which is that of meeting the mentor, the hero realizes that it is the right time for him to take
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