The Stages of Industrialization

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Industrialization refers to a stage of social and economic transformation that alters a group or society from an agrarian one into an industrial society (Sullivan & Sheffrin, 2003). Industrialization is associated with progress in the production of metallurgy and energy opening up the economy for manufacturing. It occurs as a broad process of modernizing in a society such that economic change and social change become strongly related to the technological innovations. It also brings with it a kind of change in the philosophical mind-set of the group such that people accept an attitude towards nature being in the service of mankind or as a collection of usable resources. There is also a tendency towards a sociological process of rationalization (Sullivan & Sheffrin, 2003). In the modern era there are still many countries that are experiencing their own form of industrial revolution which is leading to more countries capturing an increasing portion of industrial growth. This latest round of industrialization has been occurring in Asia where industrial progress has greatly exceeded that of developed countries. For example in China industrial growth was 18.1% and other areas in east and southern Asia experienced growth rates of between seven and 15% a year in the early 1990's (Abbott, 2011). In comparison industrial output in North America's grew by only about three percent a year during that period (Abbott, 2011). Industrialization is often viewed as being central to the
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