The Stages of My Life

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Introduction: My name is Paul Gregory. It was my father's decision to name me Gregory because he was advised by his mother. My name was kept after my great grandfather who had a very noble personality. I had a nickname which my mother gave me, the nickname of "Grego", because it sounded sweet. I started growing up my name was pronounced by people differently and people started calling me by my last name. Although different members of the family have given me different names, but Grego was the most common one. Early Stages of Life: I was born in Athens, Greece in the year 1938. I had a very memorable childhood. I remember that my Grandfather used to tell stories of his childhood and the development Greece had gone through during his life. My great-grandparents were dead before I was born but I heard their stories from my parents and grandparents. The oldest person at my home in my childhood was my Grandfather. My grandfather was a very interesting person. He was the most sociable person that I have ever known. He loved gardening and he also me taught me to plant seeds and flowers in the garden. He was a man who loved nature and appreciated the natural beauty. He was very polite and knowledgeable. He used to share experiences from his life and wanted all the kids to be a better person. Our family didn't discuss politics and world events because at that it used to create depression and hopelessness although my father politically very active and was an extremely patriotic
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