The Stages of the Haulocost

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Just before the second Great War, 6 million Jews were killed along with 5 million non-Jews (Miss Belevski, 2008, The Holocaust, slide #2). This atrocity and genocide of Jewish population was widely known as The Holocaust. The man who led genocide was Adolph Hitler, the leader of the Nazis, a fascist party that took control during the German Depression in the 1920s. When Hitler came in power, one of his promises was to end the “Question of the Jews”. A series of steps of the Holocaust was the “Stages of Isolation” (Miss Belevski, 2008, Stages of Isolation: Holocaust, p.1). This plan which was created by Hitler made millions die in vain. ‘In 1935, the law of Nuremberg Race was decreed’ (Miss Belevski, 2008, Stages of Isolation: Holocaust,…show more content…
Many were brain washed by his powerful speeches and some were too afraid to protest. The passage “And I Said Nothing” portrays the actions and fears of the people at that time; the population feared that if they stand up to Hitler they would end up just like the Jews. However, they did not know the even greater risk of saying nothing. When the time came no one was there to help them, because no one was left, and everybody else was thinking of the same thing - fear. If they all went against Hitler and stand up for what they believe in then the Holocaust would never have happened, and they them selves would be saved. The world was not united during the 30s. The League of Nations was weak and did nothing to prevent aggression from happening. The United States was selfish to ignore foreign affairs and said it was none of their business. The League’s members were also too busy with their own affairs and did not care what went on beyond their borders. Nothing was done to prevent Japan from invading Manchuria of China. Mussolini of Italy who was on his way to create a new Roman Empire invaded Ethiopia, Africa and the League did nothing either. When the time came for the Nazis the world was busy with their own depression crisis and ignored it once again. Hitler used this opportunity to control Germany’s population and used appeasement to regain its military power. Canada’s

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