The Stalker Case Study Answers

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The Stalker

Shaniqua Renaenae III and her family move to Fawn Lake. Shaniqua’s family gets introduced to the Roosevelt family,they get along very well. Later that night, Shaniqua is unpacking boxes in her room and feels she is getting stared at from far away but when she looks but no one is anywhere to be seen. The next day, Shaniqua goes to school in every class she has Daquan Roosevelt II. The whole class he just stares at her and she tells him to stop many times but Daquan still stares at Shaniqua. When, Shaniqua and her friend Sharkeisha take a walk through a neighborhood,she turns around and sees a dark figure following them.

When she turns back around Sharkeisha is gone! Shaniqua is going crazy and tries to figure what is going
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