The Stalker Essay

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The Stalker And there he was. He followed me down every block just a few paces behind me stopping whenever I did and turned at every corner. I recall it was a chilling night, one I would never forget. There was almost an eerie feeling as soon as I had locked up the shop, I could feel someone staring at me from the building across. The dark presence of a slender man caught my eye in the dimly lit street, he didn’t dare to hide himself standing under the street light, face right at me. It was hard to make out his facial features from what seemed like scars and several stitches along his eye. As the fog rolled in and the cold wind whispered, I decided to walk home. Hazzy abandoned apartments and dead, amber leaves that have fallen weeks…show more content…
Say nothing.” “Who is this? Hello?” “Say nothing!” And then the line cut. The silence of the house and the soft beeping on the phone ran chills down my spine driving me out of the kitchen. I could barely sleep that night. The thought that there could possibly be someone inside my house kept me slightly awake. Before I dozed to sleep, I heard a faint knock at my bedroom door. Problem being, I live alone, at least before today. I sat up, back against the corner, eyes and mouth agape. Within seconds, I heard a deafening screech coming from the window right beside me. I turned to my amazement that the fog on my window was forming text. One by one, each letter of the sentence was slowly being written and eventually spelled, you’re too late. I then remembered what the man on the phone said: to leave immediately. I stumbled out of bed with my trembling body in great fear. Standing at the foot of my bed, I could hear more knocks coming with each knock progressively getting louder, almost as if it was becoming impatient. At this point I lost it and headed to the empty corner of the room, shivering. I heard a groan from the opposite corner. A tall man slowly stood up from behind my chair with blood stained lips in a smile and deep, flesh coloured scars on his eyes. I couldn't help but stand and stare at the repulsive blood-red holes with which he watched me, peering into the darkness in which I hid. I backed away slowly, my heart pumping
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