The Stamp Act and the Tea Act

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Screaming occurred as a group of men argued while deciding to form into a group to go against things they knew they had the rights too and to shape their powers. They were frustrated because they knew that American’s had more rights and that more could have been done. Starting from the Loyal Nine’s and wealthy families, the Sons of Liberty achieved many things , their ideas were best expressed through the rights they determined Americans had, what roles they each played in saving those rights and how important they thought those rights were. They got together and formed in 1765, in Boston right after the stamp act and that’s originally where they got their name. They had another name that they were also known as called the loyalist. They had quite an amount of members and they all were helpful in some way. The men’s who leaded this party were John Adams, Samuel Adams, and Paul Revere. Altogether those that formed the Sons of Liberty were helpful because they helped get the group out there. The Sons of liberty had publishers, writers and they had a very good start to be out there and become known. They did keep their little organization alittle secret, just because they didn’t want anyone to find out, along the secret meetings they had, they had secret things they said to each other. Conducted into codes so no one can know what they were saying, it was a smart way of sharing things to not actually reveal their stuff and ruin their plans. The stamp act was something the Sons
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