Essay about The Stand Aganist Abortion

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Believe it or not, numerous amount of people in the world supports abortion. Abortion, I believe, is another type of murder, cruelly terminating a human’s pregnancy. My question is, how is it ever acceptable to kill someone who didn’t get the chance to live the life and take the advantages that they could’ve had? Taking that right away from someone, even a baby, is violating the human rights. In the essay below, I’d love to debate on why I believe sincerely that abortion shouldn’t be allowed for any reason. “I didn’t know this was happening.” is the most common response by the people who hear about the One Child Policy in China. “A girl is a burden to the family.” is a common Hindu saying. In these two particular place in the world,…show more content…
Moreover, the girl will become a part of the guy’s family. Now, the question is, why doesn’t the government take action? The government did take an action. In fact, the dowry system has been eliminated by the government in India. However, a law can’t change a tradition overnight. How does the dowry system relate to abortion? Because of the dowry system, families abort baby girls. They believe that baby girls are like thieves. They only take away from the family. Therefore, they will take illegal gender tests and abort the baby if they find out that it’s a girl. How unfair is it for the baby girls? They never got the chance to choose for themselves. Teenagers absolutely should not get away with getting an abortion. No matter what the background story was, whether it was an accident from partying and drinking all night or having friends with benefit, it’s their responsibility to keep themselves from getting pregnant. If they were pregnant, there’s no one else they could blame but themselves. It is totally bizarre to take away an innocent life for a mistake the parents made. Everyone has the right to live. It’s nonsense that teenagers should be allowed to eliminate a pure life for their future and their benefit. College students or women in their early 20s often get an abortion because of their harsh status in life or to start a fresh life without the baby being a burden. Some college students
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