The Standard Classification Of Mental Disorders

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Discussion 14
Question 1: According to the American Psychiatric Association, the DSM 5 is the standard classification of mental disorders, which is being used by American mental health providers. It includes a list of diagnostic criteria for every psychiatric disorder discovered by the U.S. healthcare system. The DSM 5 is presently used in clinical and community services settings. Creating a tool like this was a need, due to the fact that providers need to collect and communicate statistics about psychiatric disorders. The need of revising the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Disorders is the product of a discussion on 1999, between Steven Hyman, the director of the National Institute of mental health, Steven M. Mirin, the director of the American Psychiatric Association and David J. Kupter, the chair of the American Psychiatric Association Committee on Psychiatric Diagnosis and assessment. They concluded that they have to work together to develop a reliable agenda to expand and update the scientific basis for psychiatric classification and diagnosis. They come out with a consensus after revising gaps in the current health system, neuroscience new findings, new developmental issues, and cross-cultural problems. After several years or studies, revisions, and research, the DSM-5 officially replaced the DSM IV, on May 2013 at the American Psychiatric Association annual’s meeting.
Question 2: The so called psychological disorders are more common and frequent that we
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