The Standards Of Education Standards

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Throughout the United States, and the world, standards of education have come under increasing scrutiny. The standards of education include content standards and performance standards. According to Powell, author of Your Introduction to Education, content standards “define what students should know and be able to do relative to subject areas at specific grade levels”(2015, p. 105). Powell defines performance standards as the designated level of “knowledge or skill that is considered acceptable within a particular grade level”(2015, p. 105). Since the Constitution does not directly address education, ever state is responsible for its own set of standards. Therefore, differences exist from state to state in the difficulty of the standards, as well as, the assessments that go along with them. To combat this issue of inequality, there has been a push to adopt a set of common standards throughout the United States (Powell, 2015, p. 105). There are those who question the effectiveness of these standards and if they should be used to evaluate the effectiveness of an educator. Standards are believed to serve a number of purposes within the United States’ education system. These standards are meant to guild teachers and learning within the classroom (Powell, 2015, p. 105). In theory, having a set of standards which all teachers must follow seems like a great idea, for every student will be given an equal opportunity to learn the same information. In reality, these tight…
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