The Standards Of Practice And Professionalism

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Introduction The American Nurses Association has compiled a detailed list of rules and regulations used for practicing nursing. These standards were developed into a nursing process that provides a framework to practice safely and effectively for each and every disease process. Throughout this discussion, I will emphasize the importance of each standard of practice and professionalism, and the significance they will play in the success of my own nursing career. Discussion The standards of practice are divided into the initial assessment, proper diagnosis, outcomes identification, planning process, the implementation phase, and the evaluation. Each of these stages of the nursing process is very important to the success of practice. Collecting a thorough initial assessment is an imperative part of the nursing process. This stage is when the nurse and client will begin to develop that pivotal trusting relationship to perform proper care that will rear the best outcome for the patient. During the assessment phase the nurse will “collect comprehensive data …in a systematic and ongoing process while honoring the uniqueness of the person” (ANA, 2010). The assessment requires the nurse to be diligent in their attempt to maintain all information needed for adequate care. One very important skill that a nurse should develop when performing an initial assessment is to be able to look at the client as a whole. He/she needs to be able to take in to account the clients past, present,
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