The Standards Of Professional Ethics Essay

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Introduction Legal practitioners are subject to among the highest standards of professional ethics seen in any career due to the often sensitive work they are involved in and also on a more principled and perhaps idealistic level as lawyers are the individuals who hold the responsibility of representing the law to society. Both solicitors and barristers must adhere to their own set of professional conduct rules for otherwise the prospect of legal, professional, or perhaps even personal ramifications exists. The individuals and boards who enforce these rules do so with the upmost gravity in order to preserve the integrity of the legal profession, however despite this lawyers have become regarded as one of the most distrusted groups in society and have become synonymous with unscrupulousness and greed even though they are subject to such stringent regulations. Such distrust could be described as irrational fear mongering but as numerous sets of studies and statistics have shown, lawyers indeed violate their professional conduct rules far more often than other professions subject to similar terms of employment. In this essay, the notion that the existing measures in place to ensure the ethical practice of the law are insufficient will be evaluated and it will be argued that indeed it appears that current methods are proving ineffective at deterring unethical behaviour of lawyers based on empirical evidence. There are countless reasons why lawyers may breach their conduct
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