The Standing Male Figure At The Los Angeles Art Museum

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The Standing Male Figure stands in an enclosed glass case in the Los Angeles Art Museum. Not a very descriptive name for an artifact with very minimalistic information about it. The display only described it as the Standing Male Figure from 700-600 BCE made of limestone and found in the small island country of Cyprus. Cyprus at the time was ruled by the Assyrian Empire until its fall in 609 BCE. The piece is estimated to be during the Greek Geometric Period and the Greek Archaic Period, but can be compared to some Greek art during the Greek Archaic Period, like the Kouros. The Standing Male Figure of the 7th to 8th Century could be the Cypriot take on Archaic Greek Art. The statue itself appears to be an official due to how he’s dressed in a robe and that he is posing for the sculptor with his right arm lifted to his solar plexus. The statue is made of limestone, which is a soft rock that can be easily scratched and damaged. The artifact seems to be very well preserved based off its appearance and material with a few noticeable scratches on the left shoulder. The hands and feet are clearly seen to be sculpted to represent them. Compared to the Kouros, the feet are more unnatural on the Cypriot statue. When people think of the Kouros, they think of the Archaic smile where emotions were first brought into carved statues. The Cypriot statue doesn’t have the Archaic smile, it has a more serious look to its face as if it’s standing in an environment where it requires one to be
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