The Stanford Prison Experiment Article Essay

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Essay on the Stanford Prison Experiment Article
John Adams
University of the People

ESSAY ON THE STANFORD PRISON EXPERIMENT ARTICLE 2 Per the Stanford Prison Experiment article (Haney, C., Banks, C. & Zimbardo, P. 1971/1973) the general topic is to address the underlying psychological mechanisms for human aggression as well as societal group impacts on situations. The experiment was developed to observe, evaluate and investigate if and how people conform to a role play situation in a prison environment. Also, to determine the environmental implications as well as how social roles impact conformity on the situation to test the dispositional hypothesis. The participants consisted of all male college students who were in good physical and psychological condition who signed up for the experiment and agreed to all its stipulations. They randomly assigned 11 students to play the role of guard and 10 to play the role of prisoner. A mock prison was built and participants were arrested, booked and imprisoned 3 men per cell. Measures collected consisted of both groups behavior and interactions being observed, recorded, video-taped then analyzed. Also, the use of questionnaires, mood inventories, personality tests, daily guard reports, mock parole hearings and post experiment interviews were conducted. Several prisoners became sick as a passive way to end their
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