The Star Child

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They were very poor people and had many children so they don’t wanted more children. One of the woodcutters took the baby in his arms and went at home. When they arrived, his wife was furious because they had many children to feed, but he convinced her to stay with the Star Child .
The Star Child was very different to other children, white skin, golden hair and blue eyes, he looked as a beautiful boy but he was very cruel , arrogant and selfish. He laughed at the other children because he considered better than them. The woodcutter and his wife treated the child well but they were very sad for his behavior.
One day, a beggar woman came to the village without shoes and old clothes, she was very tired and sat under a tree, the Star Child with his friends started throwing stones. The woodcutter took the old woman his home and gave her food, she asked him if ten years ago he saw in the forest a boy with a cloak of gold stars and the woodcutter confirm that. The woman began to cry and said this was his son who was lost in the forest, the woodcutter was very surprised and told the boy to go to his house to see his mother .

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