The Star Math Assessment : A Comprehensive Assessment Tool

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STAR Math Assessment The STAR Math Assessment® is a standardized comprehensive assessment tool that provides educators with a surplus of information. The assessment is generally administered three times throughout a school year to provide beginning, middle and end of year data concerning student progress. Educators have the option of assessing students more frequently, but are advised not to administer more than once per quarter. The test is divided into content strands, and provides scaled scores, percentile ranks, student growth percentiles, grade equivalence, and math instructional level. In addition the STAR® software allows educators to generate student progress monitoring, growth, diagnostic, and instructional planning reports.…show more content…
In addition to individual reports, educators may also generate instructional planning for a group of learners. This aspect of the assessment will aid in the action research as it will provide information vital to lesson planning and direction of the activities throughout the study. The individual reports will provide information concerning student understanding and mastery, allowing the researcher to monitor student progress throughout the study. It needs to be noted that the STAR test changes as students age, and during administration, responds according to student answers. When analyzing these scores, educators need to be cognizant to look for growth instead of changes in scores and ranks. Data Analysis In analyzing data I will utilize Maxwell’s Criteria for Validity of Qualitative Research. According to Job (2015), Maxwell’s criteria include the components of credibility, transferability, dependability and confirmability. When pursuing credibility the researcher must consider the minute details of a study and search for emerging themes that are supported throughout the data. In this light I will seek to triangulate field note data with the data collected from the benchmark and
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