The Star Spangled Banner Essay

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Asking most American’s today regarding the national anthem of the United States of America the clear answer would be The Star-Spangled Banner by Francis Scott Key, but most Americans are unaware of the great debate between the two patriotic songs America, the Beautiful and The Star-Spangled Banner in regards of the suitable national anthem. There is no doubt that controversy shrouds the beloved national anthem, as issues of racism, slavery, and the militaristic tone arise after each passing century. However, in my opinion, the national anthem should not be changed as it is a part of America. Not only is the Star Spangled Banner a song that is a piece of history of the land of the free, it is also a song that has deep roots in this country, and is a part of America’s heritage.
The history of the United States of America is one that is short compared to
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In fact, as a young child, we are taught respect when we stand up, look at the flag with a hand in the heart during the national anthem to show our respects for soldiers that continue to risk their lives, have risked their lives, and have even lost their lives so that America remains as “the land of the free and the home of the brave” (Smith). During the hard times in American history, The Star-Spangled Banner was also used to lift the spirits of Americans all over the world. In events, such as the Gulf War where Whitney Houston united a whole stadium whilst singing the national anthem, and even after 9/11 when hundreds of Parisians gathered in Notre Dame to sing The Star-Spangled Banner to show their solidarity.
However, The Star-Spangled Banner is also not just America’s national anthem, but it is also a part of the American heritage.
In modern times, not only is The Star-Spangled Banner known all over the
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