The Star Spangled Banner Is America 's Long Standing Unchanging Tradition

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This familiar anthem The Star Spangled Banner is America’s long-standing unchanging tradition that is played at each sporting event nationwide, school events, assemblies, Independence Day events, etc. It was invented when the U.S entered World War 1 by a man named Francis Scott Key who gave his poem to his brother, who noted that key’s poem fit the melody of The Anacreontic Song. It started out playing in the World Series game in 1918, where from that point in time it has played all sporting events since then. The Star Spangled banner exemplifies how traditions including anthems, origin narratives, as well as symbols are invented to meet the need of a national group, also known as an invented tradition. Even if it’s for just a moment of time regardless of class, race, gender, or people with disabilities people are ban together to show unconditional pride to their country’s flying colors. In the U.S students grades k-12 take part in the pledge of allegiance, where the entire class stands up and recites the pledge of allegiance at the start of their school day. In another country, it might be a morning prayer per say. Fida Adely’s Gendered Paradoxes provides an illustration of a young Jordanian girl’s morning routine: school, daily morning assembly, morning rituals, then repeat it all over again. During school and school related activities, students take part in showing patriotism towards their country through performances along with rituals. One of the most important

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