The Star Wars Franchise Can Best Be Described As ' Mixed

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At this stage, my relationship status with the Star Wars franchise can best be described as 'mixed. '

There have been bumps in the road, but overall, I have had a lifelong appreciation, some might say obsession, with Star Wars episodes 4-6 especially; so much so that as a youth:

I read the novelization of Star Wars an innumerable amount of times (don 't ask me to recall anything); as well taking multiple trips to the library to read articles and companion books about the Star Wars universe. Big deal you might say, but I will admit, even now, to not being the most voracious of readers - so this was in fact quite a feat of accomplishment for me. Founded my own Star Wars fan club at my elementary school - granted there were probably only 5 members, and they were friends who probably just pitied me. I took to playing with my brothers ' action figures and sets, once they aged out of them (don 't think they are aware of that fact -- SURPRISE, guys). I remember it like it was yesterday the moment my brothers came in from seeing Return of the Jedi in the theater and regaling us all with a blow by blow detail of what happened. It was so cool. During a few bouts of illness, I passed my days of convalescence away by getting up early in the morning and timing it just so that I could watch every episode of the trilogy in succession before my dad and brothers got home from school. Please note younger readers - I was a youth in the time of the dinosaurs and when you…

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