The Star Wars Franchise Can Best Be Described As ' Mixed

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At this stage, my relationship status with the Star Wars franchise can best be described as 'mixed. ' There have been bumps in the road, but overall, I have had a lifelong appreciation, some might say obsession, with Star Wars episodes 4-6 especially; so much so that as a youth: I read the novelization of Star Wars an innumerable amount of times (don 't ask me to recall anything); as well taking multiple trips to the library to read articles and companion books about the Star Wars universe. Big deal you might say, but I will admit, even now, to not being the most voracious of readers - so this was in fact quite a feat of accomplishment for me. Founded my own Star Wars fan club at my elementary school - granted there were…show more content…
But I digress. All of this to say Star Wars was a major part of my life. And in many ways, I can credit these three films being one part of what got me so passionate about movies. In fact, I give them a lot of credit. Even as I got older and my cinematic tastes broadened and came to include multiple genres, there were still moments of fond recollection as I recalled these films. During my college years, I paid service to this mindset going to the re-release of at least one film (I think it was The Empire Strikes Back). If my roommate is reading this, I hope she will confirm which one(s) me might have seen in Charlottesville. So, you can imagine my excitement at the very mention of prequels (Episodes 1-3) ... excited-baby ... but then I got to the end of The Phantom Menace (the only one I went to the theater to see of the set). boring face Needless to say, it did feel like a part of my childhood had been decimated by a world-weary, adult-level of cynicism. It followed that seeing these films felt more like an obligation than an event one meets great anticipation. I feared, maybe the magic was gone forever. Years of dormancy followed, filled with the continued excitement of simply going to the movies, attending film festivals and just the business of getting on with one 's adult life. So when (again) there was a major Star Wars announcement - that we would be
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