The Star Wars Trilogy

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A directors cut, is a specified edit of a version of a film (or video game, music video, etc.) that is suppose to represent a vision closer to that of the director. In 2004, director George Lucas had an interview with Associated Press, and states that the Star Wars series only represented “25 or 30 per cent” of what he wanted it to be. In the following paragraphs, I will show you how editing scenes differently can and will change the outlook of characters and the story of Star Wars IV: A New Hope. Due to the great commercial success of the Star Wars series, George Lucas was given the opportunity to rerelease Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope along with the two other movies in the Star Wars Trilogy. Fox spent a reported $15 million on giving…show more content…
Before the 1997 version, the audience hears the name Jabba the Hutt, but has no idea what or who he is in A New Hope and the following movie in the series The Empire Strikes Back only too see him for the first time in Return of the Jedi. Finding out about Jabba the Hutt’s appearance and likeness delivers a huge blow to character development. It takes the mystery out of finding out who this guy that is constantly being talked about. Ruining a plot mystery like this can ruin the surprise to endings of a story instead of letting it all unfold. Another change that happen between versions of Star Wars IV: A New Hope, is the various CGI added and changed though out the whole movie. Stormtroopers, explosions, and Alliance fighters are added, changed, and taken away in various scenes in the 1997 and 2011 versions of Star Wars IV: A New Hope; however, I’m going to focus on the Death Star battle scene. The Death Star battle, or Battle of Yavin, is a climatic scene where the (first) Death Star, a giant moon shaped space station and weapon with abilities to destroy planets with its super laser, is destroyed by the Rebellion. This is actually Luke Skywalker’s first step to becoming a Jedi by showing his leadership skills and his skill potential. During this battle, large amounts of ships are added to the scene in the 1997 version. This makes the
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