The Starbucks Corporation's Marketing Strategy

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Starbuck's Marketing Strategy: The Starbuck Corporation is considered as the one of the leading firms across the globe in specialty coffee consumption. Since its inception and launch in a market in Seattle, Washington, the company has developed to extent with which it offers quality premium coffees with an excellent level of customer service and at reasonable prices worldwide. The growth and profitability of this company is attributed to its development and use of an effective marketing strategy. Actually, the firm is renowned for successfully adopting a differentiation focus strategy designed to offer high quality, focused product, and premium prices, which is in essence no object to its customers. Throughout its marketing initiatives, Starbuck Corporation does not market its product or the firm aggressively but drives its sales through the image and reputation it has developed (Larson, 2009). Distribution Elements in the Company's Marketing Strategy: Following the development of a strong product, the second major marketing decision area that a company should consider is distribution. Decisions regarding distribution are geared towards establishing a system that enables customers to easily access and buy the firm's products. Nonetheless, marketers are usually faced with the challenge of getting the product to the point where consumers can obtain it because the process is complicated, expensive, and time consuming ("Distribution Decisions", n.d.). Since it a significant
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