The Stardust Revolution by Jacob Berkowitz

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The Stardust Revolution is born from applying chemistry and biology to astronomy thus creating an entire new scientific field. These leaders in the field, astrochemists and astrobiologists, have stumbled upon layers of evidence that support the idea that everything in the universe is genetically related to everything else in the universe, breaking boundaries of archaic paradigms regarding evolution and the cosmos. Berkowitz believes that everything in the universe has the same origin and that there is indeed a way to follow the breadcrumbs and trace these links from our physically limited position on earth.
There are two concepts that I found particularly fascinating that Berkowitz explores. The first concept is revolves around how elements are made and forged by stars, a new and bold idea that was unveiled by technology such as spectroscopy and the discovery of radioactivity. The second concept pertains to how these elements that are forged by stars have ultimately evolved to create life here on earth and possibly elsewhere in the universe. Evolution in itself is a controversial subject but Berkowitz takes it one step further, off of the boundaries of our Earth and into the mysterious heavenly bodies.…

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