The Starry Night, By Vincent Van Gogh

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Throughout this art critique, the painting that will be examined is “The Starry Night”, by Vincent Van Gogh, completed in 1910. The night sky in this masterpiece Van Gogh “The Starry Night” is brimming with whirling clouds, a bright circular moon, and shining and glowing stars. The setting is wonderful and the swirls in the night sky really make my eyes flow easily all over the portrait, also because of the perfect spacing between each of the curved lines. In many ways this art piece is all about contrasts, going from dark blue and black hues to oppose the bright whites and yellow in the sky. There is such great flow in this painting that helps the viewer easily recognize what is what and brings such joy and movement to ones eye. When I look…show more content…
This idea represents by the way Vincent Van Gogh used texture, lines and colour to portray a more intense flow of movement. Starts from the whirling cloud to the stars, the moon, and how the city is formed. From my thoughts I feel that this painting is done mostly on a vertical axis. I think this because when I look at the tree /bush it is piercing upward along with the houses. I also have a little thought that this may be on a horizontal axis because I think that the swirl of wind is twirling to the right and is progressing horizontally. Colours are very expressive, and in this specific painting Vincent Van Gogh he used oil on canvas. This really brings out calm, bright colours to help brighten moods. In this composition the bright yellows and white are really made to stand out. Helps you to take first glance there. When I look very closely at the art piece I realize that you can get I better angle of each of the items. Upon glance, I see more details making the art piece look better and more descriptive. Now when I stand farther back I notice the three highlights which are the tree, the huge swirl of wind and the moon. These three pieces are the only things I see when a glance from
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