The Starry Night By Vincent Van Gogh

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The Starry Night, 1889 is a painting by Vincent Van Gogh while he was in an Asylum at Saint Remy de Provence. It portrays the view of the sunrise and the small village from the east facing window in Van Gogh’s room.
The Starry Night is one of Van Gogh’s finest works, displayed in the Museum of Modern Art, New York since 1941. Van Gogh during his stay at the Asylum, is where he began producing some of his well-known paintings of his career, and The Starry Night is one of them. He was permitted with a ground floor studio which he produced his paintings, but The Starry Night was the view he saw from his room which he stayed in but because he painted downstairs in the studio he was permitted with, so some of The Starry Night was painted from memory. When Van Gogh, was painting The Starry Night which had a more powerful, emotional impact than his other works due to the attacks, and emotional breakdowns, he was going through during his stay at the Asylum. The Starry Night is more about Van Gogh’s imagination because at his stay in the Asylum, when he had wrote a letter to his brother Theo which said ‘’through the iron-barred window. I can see an enclosed square of wheat…above which in the morning, I watch the sun rise in all its glory’’. As stated in the letter by Van Gogh to his brother where he talks about the iron-barred window, which is not in the painting and is the main focus because of how he says ‘’Square of wheat…’’ which shows he only saw parts of things separated by the

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