The Starry Night

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The Starry Night The starry night is painting by Vincent van Goh done in 1889. The painting is inspired by the night view. It is a painting that was done by oil on canvas just as the way traditional paintings are done. However, the starry night was not painted at night as expected. It was done during day using van Goh’s imagination. According to van Goh, he always expressed his liking to draw a painting portraying the sky at night. Van Goh’s works on the starry night was inspired by the night skies and surroundings of the asylum where he was receiving treatment due to breakdowns (Brooks, 2012). The title of the painting, ‘’ the starry night’’, goes hand in hand with what the painting tries to describe. The painting reflects emotions and expressiveness. A group of curvy black lines that seem to originate from a point dominate the left side of the painting. There is a town on the lower right that extends up to the hills. As the title goes, the painting is set at night. The sky has been done in a swirl that bursts out in to blues, greens and gentle yellow. The center part of the painting is the moon which is shown by a yellow dot. The dark lines that stark up on the right side tend to stand for a plant. The town is marked by small dots on the houses perhaps showing electricity lights or lamp lights sealing the fact that painting setting is night time. The objective of the painter was to depict the night time in a small town. The painting has its kind of mystery because of
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